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If you are looking for quality wholesale medical products, look no further than American Screening Corporation. We’re here to provide you with the highest quality drug testing supplies that leave you with accurate and trustworthy results for all your drug testing needs. We carry drug test kits that cover a wide range of testing options, from alcohol to banned substances. With our drug testing supplies, you will be provided with medical results you can trust. Contact us for more information on our drug test kits and supplies.


More than 300 people have overdosed in Washington, D.C. just in the last two weeks after consuming what is suspected to be synthetic marijuana, known as K2. Read the full article here 


EDDP, is the metabolite of MTD (substitution treatment against heroin addictions), so EDDP is the molecule obtained after the human body has modified the basic molecule of MTD in order to eliminate it. It is this metabolite that can be found in urine. Click here for EDDP dip cards   

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