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Adsafe PLUS CPR Face Shield

The Adsafeâ„¢ PLUS CPR Face Shield features:

  • User friendly design protects the rescuer and helps eliminate hesitation when performing CPR
  • Semi-transparent face shield allows visualization of patient’s lips, mouth, and nose while protecting rescuer
  • Printed instructions and orientation guides right on the shield help ensure correct use, even by those with little or no CPR experience
  • Bite block airway tunnel with extended mouthpiece assists the rescuer in maintaining an open airway when performing the head tilt, chin lift maneuver
  • One way valve with 3M Filtrete filter protects the rescuer from victim’s fluids
  • Single use, Latex-free

    Measures 6” L x 10” W when open, just 2” x 1 1/2” x 7/8” when in its case
    Includes compact hard case with handy key ring clasp


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