ASC'S Fulfillment Service

Are you working on a special project that requires creative product assembly? Do you need a kitting solution? American Screening Corp has the expertise to quickly and affordably assemble and ship your products to your customers.

Our kitting fulfillment services come with numerous benefits, such as fewer purchase orders, reduced administrative costs, more efficient use of space, faster production cycles, and quicker response to customer orders. With our reliable, scalable, and cost-effective fulfillment services, you can boost your eCommerce sales. Save time and money on assembly and kitting solutions by choosing American Screening Corp!


    You Sell It,
    We’ll Take Care of the Rest

    Product Kitting Services & Kitting Solutions

    It doesn’t matter if your customers are in Maine or California. We ensure your products are delivered on-time, intact, and with every part that is required.

    Our network of warehouses located to provide your business with a robust geographic footprint and every service you need to keep your customers happy, including:

    1. Storage
    2. Kitting Assembly Services
    3. Pick & Pack
    4. Distribution
    5. Wholesale Carton Pick
    6. Item Labeling
    7. Container Unloading & Cross-Docking

    With 1000+ kitting warehouses and kitting fulfillment centers, ASC is the only logistics platform that offers storage and kitting services, as well as one and two-day delivery to every significant market in the United States.

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    certification icon-imgCertified Kitting Warehouses

    ASC inspects and approves each of our kitting fulfillment warehouses and kitting companies to ensure they meet security and quality standards.

    Our warehouses are equipped to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and perform custom services like kitting.

    • Pick, Pack, & Ship
    • Container Unloading & Cross-Docking
    • Order Fulfillment Services
    • Wholesale Carton Pick
    • Kitting Projects
    • eCommerce Fulfillment
    • Item Labeling
    • Amazon FBM Prep
    • Shipping