Swab Collection Kit

A Swab specimen collection kit provides all of the components necessary to secure a sample and send it to a laboratory for diagnostics, environmental sampling and research purposes. Working with a kit eliminates confusion around which swab should be paired with which transport media to ensure viability of the sample during transport. Timely specimen collection and handling is critical in ensuring accurate results and preventing analysis errors.

A sterile pouch that contains a swab applicator for specimen collection. Swab type may vary depending upon the application. Swab collection kits are individually wrapped sterile swabs for biomedical research or clinical diagnostic uses.

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  • Unit: EACH

    Culture Transport Swabs-50/Bx

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    Drugs of Abuse Specimen Collection Transport Kits

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    Labaid PCR Collection Kit, 100 Nasal Swabs and 5mL Swab w/ Media

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