14 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

Use our 14 panel drug test dip card for your drug test needs whether its workplace, clinical, or probation, and have peace of mind because your results are 99% accurate. It detects upto 14 drugs in minutes in human urine, which is qualitatively analyzed to indicate a positive or negative test results. When you need easy, instant results, superior accuracy, at the best price choose 14 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

Our Urine drug test dip card are an affordable solution for all of your drug testing needs. Rapid urine screening tests can detect a recent history of drugs clearly show whether a person is under the influence of a range of common substances and drugs. Up to 99% accurate, these dip card options are dependable and reliable. Drug screening test cards are quick, easy to perform, and provide an accurate diagnostic results in minutes.

Shop for wide range of instant urine dip card, available in Multi-panel ranging from 1 panel to 14 panels, that are FDA approved for at home use and are CLIA waived for lab and professional use.

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