At American Screening, we’re here to be your number one provider for products to test for drug test adulterants. Adulterants are considered to be chemicals that one can incorporate into a drug test to alter its results, with hopes to achieve a false negative test result. To help with ensuring your samples are pure and inviolate, we have a variety of drug tests for checking in urine including a variety of different bottles of test strips and liquid solutions.

Drug test adulterants are substances that individuals may use in an attempt to alter or tamper with the results of a drug test. These can be added to urine samples or other bodily fluids to mask the presence of drugs or interfere with the accuracy of the test. The use of adulterants is a common concern for employers and other organizations that rely on drug testing to ensure a safe and drug-free environment. In response to this issue, many drug testing laboratories have developed methods and technologies to detect the presence of adulterants in drug test samples.

One of the tools used to identify the presence of adulterants in drug test samples is an adulterant strip. This strip contains chemical reagents that react with specific substances commonly used as adulterants. By dipping the strip into the urine sample, the reagents on the strip will change color if adulterants are present. This provides a quick and convenient way for laboratories to screen large numbers of samples for potential adulteration.

There are various types of adulterants that individuals may use to tamper with drug test results. Some common examples include household products such as bleach, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide, as well as commercially available detoxification products. These substances can alter the pH levels, dilute the concentration of drugs, or interfere with the detection methods used in drug testing. However, with advancements in technology and the use of adulterant strips, laboratories are now able to detect many of these and ensure the accuracy and reliability of drug test results.

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    7 Part Adulteration Test Kit

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    Onescreen – Urine Adulterant Controls – 2X 25ML BOTTLE

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    Precision Dx – Adulteration Strips: Nitrite, Creatinine, Glutaraldehyde, PH, Specific Gravity, Oxidants, Pyridium Chlorochromate – 25/Bottle

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    Urispec GP+A HSI Strip Test f/ Urine 100/Bt

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