Seven Reasons to Drug Test Your Employees
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Seven Reasons to Drug Test Your Employees

Today more than ever business owners need to be aware of potential health hazards, liability, turn-over rates and other situations that impact the bottom line. One of the best investments of both time and money available to employers is the use of employee drug testing.

According to research conducted by the Federal government, General Accounting Office in Washington, private sector drug testing programs recognize major benefits when implementing a proper employee drug testing program. Benefits include:

  1. Improving Workplace Safety. It only makes sense employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol are at greater risk of injury both to themselves and others. Driving, operating equipment, working with the public and even routine tasks become potential liabilities when an employee is taking drugs or drinking.
  2. Increasing Productivity. Obviously employees are not at their best if they are taking drugs or drinking on the job but don't assume your business doesn't have a problem simply because you don't see it or it takes place after work. Employees that routinely use drugs may experience side effects hours or even days later. 
  3. Curbing Illegal Drug Traffic. Employees that routinely use drugs eventually seek drugs. Don't let your business become frequented by the type of employee that is buying or selling drugs. Instead, create an atmosphere of safety where workers are comfortable with the job and one another.
  4. Reducing Employee Medical Costs. It's a fact employees that use illegal drugs or routinely drink to excess have a much greater rate of health problems than their co-workers and peers. Drinking and drug use is associated with higher rates of injury, heart disease, high blood pressure and a host of other medical conditions. Even worse, drug users and heavy drinkers tend to remain in the hospital longer, heal slower and experience more complications than their non-drug user counterparts.
  5. Reduce Absenteeism and Turn-Over rates. Research has repeatedly found that employees that use drugs or drink heavily are more inclined to be tardy or absent from work than their co-workers. Likewise, drug users experience higher rates of illness, injury, incarceration and other life events that frequently lead to job loss.
  6. Federal or State Regulations. Many state and federal agencies require routine drug testing for all employees and contractors. Common examples include the Department of Transportation, Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.
  7. Lower Workers Compensation Claims. The escalating price of insurance including Workers Compensation is a major consideration for business owners large and small. An employee drug testing program may not eliminate your Workers Compensation premium increase but it can help hold the rate steady by decreasing the risk of accidental injury or accident.

Even if your business or industry isn't federally mandated to perform on-site drug testing you may find it beneficial to explore the benefits derived from a properly implemented employee drug testing program. If you need assistance in developing a program for your small business, contact American Screening Corporation for more information.


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