Female Anti-Aging Test Panel

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This panel of tests helps to measure the chemistry and hormone levels associated with the aging process of women. We provide you with information regarding any treatment needed to prevent disease caused by the aging process. Testing will help determine inflammatory markers, cholesterol level, and risk of diabetes.


The test panel includes:

·         • Lipid Panel

·         • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

·         • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

·         • Routine Urinalysis (UA)

·         • Estradiol

·         • IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor)

·         • Thyroid Profile

·         • Human Growth Hormone (hGH)/Growth Hormone (GH)

·         • Estrogens, Total


Why Test?

This test is excellent in providing information on whether an anti-aging treatment is needed for women. The test will provide reasons to optimize and/or delay the aging process in order to prolong the process to help prevent disease and illness caused by the aging process.


Turnaround Time:

Usually takes around 1 to 3 business days.


Since the panel of tests includes the lipid panel and blood glucose test in the CMP, patients should fast for 9-12 hours prior to the initiation of the test.


1. Select the test panel of your choice.

 2. Add the panel to your cart and complete the purchasing process.

 3. Once you've purchased your panel, you will be contacted via email by our lab employee to set up and locate your nearest lab testing facility. 

4. Visit the lab facility discussed and give them your test requisition before getting your blood drawn. When your results are ready, you will be notified via email with credentials to log into your dashboard and access the results.

We highly recommend that you discuss your results with a healthcare professional. Keep in mind that an abnormal result could be an early warning but does not always indicate a disease or illness.


We currently cannot sell blood test to residents in CA, FL, MD, NJ, NV, NY, MD, PA, and RI

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