Disinfectant T-Spray II

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Disinfectant T-Spray II Ea

250ml T-Spray II Bottle is the essential medical accessory. It cleans and disinfects all ultrasound probes, transducers, mammography compression plates and cassettes after each use and between patients.Features:T-Spray II has a neutral pH and contains no alcohol, phenol, glutaraldehyde or ketonesSafe for equipment and all plasticsEffective bactericide, fungicide & virucide killing HIV-1Concentrated; just add tap water to the fill line indicated on the bottleStable, pleasant fragranceNo scrubbing necessary; simply hold container 6-8" from surface to be treated and spray until surface is covered with T-Spray II. Allow to remain wet for 10 minutes then wipe clean with cloth or tissue.12 Bottles per BoxAvailability: Usually ships in 1-2 Business Days.Technical InformationMSDS InformationEPA Reg


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