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Is the alleged father unavailable or unwilling? Grandparent DNA testing provides the answers!


- Fast Turnaround,  24 - 72 hours turnaround 

- AABB accredited laboratory

DNA Kit Includes: 

-Specimen Collection device 

-Chain of custody form

-Shipping envelope

Sample Collection:

Sampling is acquired via a cheek swab, using a Q-tip type apparatus referred to as a buccal swab.


What Is A Grandparent DNA Test?

Grandparent DNA testing compares the genetic material of two or more individuals to determine the statistical probability of whether or not the alleged grandmother and/or grandfather share a biological relationship with the tested child or children.

How will I receive my results?

Results are sent to the email address on file. Also, If you ordered hard copy results, they will follow shortly in the mail to the billing address listed on the order unless advised differently.

A Grandparent DNA test can establish paternity in-directly by analyzing the alleged father’s parent'(s) DNA against a possible grandchild.  Most importantly this can be very helpful when the alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to perform a DNA test.

You can simply use 1 or more grandparents to to essentially fill in the blanks for the missing alleged father. It is often very helpful but not necessary to add the mother of the child to help conclusiveness.

*Residents of NY States require the testing to be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider in your state. Please include a prescription for testing when sending in your sample.

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