DNA - Y-Chromosome (17 Marker) Test -Non-Legal

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Y chromosome testing is done when two or more male individuals wish to confirm whether they share the same father or if they have a common paternal relative. This test, carried out exclusively between males, is a highly accurate and conclusive sibling test.

Males from the same male parental line will also share the same Y chromosome profile.  Male offspring inherit their Y chromosome unchanged from their father and they will in turn, pass on the same Y chromosome if they themselves have male offspring. 


- Fast Turnaround,  24 - 72 hours turnaround 

- AABB accredited laboratory

DNA Collection Kit Includes:

-Specimen Collection device 

-Chain of custody form

-Shipping envelope

Sample Collection:

Sampling is acquired via a cheek swab, using a Q-tip type apparatus referred to as a buccal swab.


How will i receive my results?

Results are sent to the email address on file. Also, If you ordered hard copy results, they will follow shortly in the mail to the billing address listed on the order unless advised differently.

-Y chromosome testing can be used in cases requiring a paternity test in which the alleged father is nowhere to be found or will not submit to the test.  In such instances, we can test a direct male relative of the alleged father with the DNA of another male to confirm whether the untested alleged father is in fact related to the person claiming to be a biological relative.

-Two siblings wishing to confirm whether or not they have the same biological father can do so by doing a Y chromosome test.

Adopted children looking for either their real biological fathers or male family members can use a Y chromosome test in order to include or exclude potential fathers/relatives.

-Y chromosome testing can be used in cases requiring legal proof of relationship between males such as legal cases or cases of immigration. 

*Residents of NY States require the testing to be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider in your state. Please include a prescription for testing when sending in your sample.


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