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Ivory Wave, Mcat, Lightning, Meph and Bliss are street names for a new class of designer stimulants, often described as a legal form of Ecstasy.

These stimulants produce euphoric and mentally stimulating effects, and are marketed and sold as "Bath Salts," "Research Chemicals," or "Plant Food." They can be found in smoke shops and easily purchased online.

Numerous states have banned their usage and sale, but until now no test has been available for them.

Our Bath Salt lab test is performed by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) and has a predicted detection window of 24-48 hours in urine.

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  • Chain of Custody Form
  • Specimen Collection and Transport Cup
  • Specimen Bag
  • Airbill
  • Labpack Mailer


4-Panel Drug Screen Methodology Cut-Off
MDPV - Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, White Lightning LC/MS/MS 25 ng/ml
Mephedrone - MCat LC/MS/MS 25 ng/ml
Cathinone - Khat LC/MS/MS 25 ng/ml
Methcathinone LC/MS/MS 25 ng/ml
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