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Testing with the Precision AlcoScreen is as easy as placing the pad end of the test strip in the subjects mouth for a few seconds to wet it with saliva. The AlcoScreen requires such a small amount of saliva to activate the test even subjects with dry mouth can be tested successfully. Results are visible within two minutes after wetting with saliva.
  • Highly sensitive detection method to detect blood alcohol concentration in saliva
  • Perfect Alternative to other Expensive & Bulky Alcohol Testers
  • Simple one step 2 minute test
  • No False Positives.
  • Requires no instrumentation or special training to be used effectively
  • Convenient enough to be used at any time, any place
Directions: Just place on donors tongue to saturate pad, located on the end of strip, lay next to package to compare the colors.
These tests provide a screen result & for positive results we recommend an LC-MS/MS Confirmation from a Certified Lab. For more information dial 1-(888) 566-1955 or email



Instructions for Use


Estimates Alcohol Concentration
Because the proportion of alcohol in saliva is directly related to the proportion of alcohol in blood, the Alco-Screen can easily and quickly detect the presence of alcohol and estimate intoxication levels. The presence of alcohol in saliva causes the reagent pad to turn shades of green. Higher concentrations of alcohol create darker shades of green. The operator estimates intoxication levels by comparing the color change against color standards printed on the foil package at the 0.02%, 0.04%, 0.08%, and 0.30% BAC.

Ideal for Zero Tolerance Testing
The Alco-Screen is ideal for agencies with zero tolerance policies. Any green color on the reagent pad after two minutes indicates the presence of alcohol of at least 0.02% or greater. 0.02% BAC is about the intoxication from one drink, and is typically the lowest cut-off level used to determine if a person has been drinking alcohol.


Detects Alcohol in Beverages
The Alco-Screen is one of the few devices that can detect the presence of alcohol in beverages. Because the Alco-Screen is calibrated to detect the very tiny amounts of alcohol present in saliva, the color standards on the test do not apply when testing beverages. The concentration of alcohol is extremely high in comparison to saliva. Dipping the strip into a beverage that contains alcohol causes the reagent pad to turn a very dark brown color.

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