Serenity Prayer Laminated Holy Card for Addiction and Mental Health - Pack of 25

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Used in the context of helping an addict to overcome addiction, the Serenity Prayer is a powerful prayer which encourages an addict to accept their circumstances with bravery and knowledge, so they learn from their negative experiences and have the strength to move on from them with conviction. It also addresses an addict’s failed desire for absolute control, over both their own actions and the actions of others. It is this need to control that leads to a cycle of destruction as substance abuse continues.

The prayer teaches an addict that an unfortunate part of life is having to deal with circumstances that are beyond our personal control, or which cannot be changed by us directly. But the things an addict can control are their feelings and actions towards other people. By focusing more strongly on their own feelings and actions, an addict can become stronger and eventually emancipate themselves from their continued abuse of substances or alcohol. Strength, accepting change and living in your truth are all principles of the Serenity Prayer.

Those who read and follow the prayer are said to discover the gift of inner peace and serenity, which in turn can help them face a new day with courage and happiness.

  • Serenity Prayer Clear, laminated holy cards.

  • Size : 2.5'' x 4.5''

  • Available in Pack of 25 



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