Emergency Spill Kit Econo-Ea

Emergency Spill Kit Econo-Ea
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Emergency Spill Kit Econo Ea

This quick, simple cleanup kit complies with OSHA guidelines and covers all basics needed for a simple spill while easily storing in briefcase, glove compartment or desk drawer. EPA-registered kit includes one Biowipe bag, one 2 oz. Cavicide Disinfectant Spray, two Nitrile Nonlatex Gloves, one Heavy-duty Towelette, one Isagel Antimicrobial Hand Wipe, and complete instruction sheet in English and Spanish. All contents are sealed in zip-lock bag with content label on front.

Easy-to-store spill kit covers the basics for needed protection. Kit contains a Bio-Wipe Bag™ with peel off white adhesive sealing strip, 2-oz. Cavicide® disinfectant spray, pair of nitrile nonlatex gloves, a heavy duty towelette, antimicrobial hand wipe and an instruction sheet. Kit instructions are in English and Spanish.

  • This kit covers all the basics needed for a simple spill while easily storing in a brief case, glove compartment or desk drawer
  • Includes 1 Bio-wipe bag, 1 2oz. Cavicide Disinfectant Spray, 2 Nitrile Nonlatex Gloves, 1 Heavyduty Towelette and 1 Isagel Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
  • Full instructions sheet in English and Spanish
  • Sealed in a ziplock bag with content label on front


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