DHEA-S Saliva Lab Test (DS)

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  • Tests for DHEA-S
  • Effectively evaluates DHEA-S hormone levels in the body
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Includes a saliva collection kit
  • No additional fees required

Have there been times when you don't feel quite right but couldn't accurately point out what's causing it? You suspect it's one of those days when you're hormones are playing tricks on you. You're feeling depressed one moment and uncooperative the next, and somehow something inside you wants to know what's really going on. Perhaps, your symptoms are related to hormone imbalance; but given the different types of hormones your body produces, which one could it be? 

This DHEA-S saliva hormone imbalance testing service is designed to evaluate your DHEA-S hormone levels. DHEA-S is one of the two forms that make up the DHEA hormone, an endogenous hormone released by the adrenal gland. A low level of DHEA-S is associated with depression, fatigue, and a general sense of not feeling well.

The method involves the collection of your saliva, which is to be sent to an accredited laboratory for further analysis. There are no needles to deal with just like in the conventional blood tests – relieving you with the stress of invasive procedures. It is convenient, accurate and reliable in determining the levels of DHEA-S in your body. 

Below are other common symptoms that are associated with abnormal levels of DHEA-S. This DHEA-S hormone imbalance testing service can be useful in understanding the causes of your symptoms. Discussing the result with your physician will help in achieving accurate diagnosis. 

Common Signs & Symptoms of  that may be associated with DHEA-S variation in Males and Females:

  • Extreme fatigue/Lower stamina
  • Lowered Libido (especially in females)
  • Depression
  • Less bones & muscle mass
  • Joint pain
  • Less hair growth in underarms
  • Dryness in skin & eyes
  • Bad memory
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Weak immune system
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Addison's Disease

If you need to you can use CPT Code 82627 for billing purposes

*Most of these signs and symptoms are multigenic as well as multifactorial and may be associated with genetic, epigenetic, dietary and environmental factors and mediated by variation in certain hormones. A careful interpretation of results by your physician is suggested. Any form of self-therapy without consulting a licensed physician is highly discouraged.   

Each service includes:
  • Symptom Checklist on Test Requisition Form
  • Requisition Form to complete including your personal and medical history
  • Pre-paid, Pre-addressed Return Packaging
  • Vial(s) for collecting saliva
  • Instructions for How to Use Saliva Collection Kit

*Residents of CA, MD, NY States require the testing to be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider in your state. Please include a prescription for testing when sending in your sample.


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