Nebulizer w/Mask & Tubing-50 EA/CA

Nebulizer w/Mask & Tubing-50 EA/CA
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Nebulizer w/Mask & Tubing Adult Ea

  • The nebulizer therapy - with the comfort of a mask - kits come complete with mask, medication chamber and 7ft of star lumen oxygen supply tubing.
  • Latex free and sold individually packaged or in a case of 50.Many medications are available as inhaled treatments. Inhaled methods deliver medication directly to the airway, which is helpful for lung diseases.
  • The patient and healthcare provider can choose from a variety of delivery systems for inhaling medication.A nebulizer delivery system consists of a nebulizer (small plastic bowl with a screw-top lid) and a source for compressed air.
  • The air flow to the nebulizer changes the medication solution to a mist. When inhaled correctly, the medication has a better chance to reach the small airways.
  • This increases the medication's effectiveness.
Nebulizer w/Mask & Tubing-50 EA/CA


Nebulizer w/Mask & Tubing-50 EA/CA

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