Siblingship Test-Half Siblings (46 Markers) Test

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- This test will determine the likelihood of two people being full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated.

- Convenient Easy DNA Swab sample collection in privacy of your home

- No age requirement, can be performed on all ages babies, teenagers, and adults

- Fast turnaround, 24-72 hours

- AABB accredited laboratory 

- We test 46 Markers for 91% accuracy compared to other labs 16 or 24 Markers which lead to inconclusive & inaccurate results. See graphs below. 


*These results were obtained in tests conducted with over 10,000 sibling cases without the Mother tested. At the time we were using 44 markers. We added two additional markers since then to enhance our accuracy further. The old benchmark for reporting conclusive results for sib testing was 80%. AABB has raised that percentage to 91% level in order for a lab to report a conclusive result. You can see the importance of our 46 markers are in order to achieve the 91% threshold for a conclusive result and we want satisfied and happy clients. 

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