OptiKlens II Eyewash Cover Red Cap 1/Pr

OptiKlens II Eyewash Cover Red Cap 1/Pr
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  •  Easy to install, no special plumbing required, these units will convert any faucet into an emergency eyewash station.
  • Opti-Klens I has a threaded inlet that attaches to any standard faucet. Simply pull knob to activate. Water pressure holds eye wash in operation and leaves hands free. Push knob or turn faucet off to return to normal operation.
  • Opti-Klens II fills the need for a full face/eyewash. Delivers over 11.4L/min. (3gpm) and meets ANSI standards for a face/eyewash fountain.
  • The tubing diverter eliminates the need to remove an aerator from the faucet spout, attach a tubing barb, then reverse the procedure for regular use.
  • Simply replace the aerator with the tubing diverter and leave it on. Pull button to fill containers as needed. Tubing diverter can be used with Opti-Klens on the same faucet.


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