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Res-Cue Mask Hard Case Basic Ea

  • Preferred by professionals, yet easy enough to use for any rescuer, the MCR Medical latex free rescue mask makes resuscitation safer for the responder and more efficient for the patient.
  • Since you won't be pinching the patient's nose shut, each rescue breath will have two avenues of entry into the body.
  • By using this type of mask, rescue breathing is more efficient.
  • Supplemental oxygen, connected by way of the mask's oxygen inlet, increases concentrations of organ-sustaining oxygen by 50%.
  • The individually packaged, label-free clamshell mask case with wrist strap is manufactured for MCR Medical Supply.
  • The quality transparent mask features a one-way filter valve and elastic head strap to facilitate hands-free operation.
  • A pair of gloves, antiseptic wipe and instruction card completes the set.
  • Whether you're a rescue diver, lifeguard, or on your county's Emergency Response Team, this is the breathing barrier to carry in your pocket or keep in your first aid kit.
  • Lay responders as well will find the easy to use mask an invaluable asset when called upon to breathe for a patient, regardless of their age.
  • Pick up several to keep at home, in your car or anywhere you might need to utilize your resuscitation skills.
  • You too can be ready with the right tools!