Adcuff & Bladders-Tubes

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For use with most pocket and clock aneroids and many NIBP monitors.

The Adcuff™ and Bladder with 2-Tubes features:

  •     Durable nylon construction
  •     Exclusive Size Guide™ marking system
  •     Inflation bladder with 55cm tubing length not made with natural rubber latex
  •     For use with most traditional pocket, clock, or mercury style aneroid instruments
  •     Adult size available in 12 colors
  •     Individually boxed
  •     Three Year Warranty
  •     Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-1
  •     Luer connector (#891F) not included
Adcuff & Bladders-Tubes


Adcuff & Bladders-Tubes

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