Milk Protein Allergy Intolerance Test

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The Milk Protein Allergy/Intolerance Test measures immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies that react to certain proteins present in cow’s milk.

The panel tests for proteins, including:

  •       Casein
  •       Alpha-lactalbumin
  •       Beta-lactoglobulin

Casein comprises about 80% of proteins found in cow’s milk, and it is used in by-products, such as cheese. Alpha-lactalbumin is a whey protein that regulates lactose production. Beta-lactoglobulin is another whey protein, and it is not present in human milk.

As with any allergy, severe cases can lead to anaphylaxis that involves the over-release of chemicals in the system. Anaphylaxis is sometimes fatal as it could lead to shock or cardiac arrest.

Individuals allergic to casein do not necessarily react to other proteins.

Why Take the Milk Protein Allergy/Intolerance Test?

This screening procedure checks for a person’s allergic reaction to milk or milk by-products, and it is typically performed when symptoms show within 48 hours of ingestion. It also helps differentiate milk protein allergy from lactose intolerance.

Turnaround time: Milk Protein Allergy/Intolerance test results arrive within five (5) business days.

Fasting: None.

More Information: Milk protein allergy should not be confused with lactose intolerance, which involves a reduced capacity to digest the sugar lactose. Symptoms of lactose intolerance only appear in the bowel, and some of these are bloating, flatus, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

1. Select the test panel of your choice.

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4. Visit the lab facility discussed and give them your test requisition before getting your blood drawn. When your results are ready, you will be notified via email with credentials to log into your dashboard and access the results.

We highly recommend that you discuss your results with a healthcare professional. Keep in mind that an abnormal result could be an early warning but does not always indicate a disease or illness.


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