5 Parameter Urinalysis Strips (MOQ 100 KITS)

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These urinalysis test strips, 100 strips per bottle, URS-5-100, detect Ketone, Blood, pH, Glucose and Protein and are simple, easy to use reagent strips for the detection of kidney, liver, diabetic, and urinary tract markers in human urine. These test strips are routinely used in doctor's offices, laboratories, and hospitals as a preliminary diagnosis/screen for potential health issues.


Note: A positive result from a screening is considered to be a presumptive or indeterminate result and should never be interpreted as the final result without a follow-up with a health care professional and confirmatory test.

1. Collect urine specimen in a clean container. Mix well immediately before testing. If urine specimens are not tested within 1-hour, refrigerate specimen at 2-4°C and bring to room temperature before testing.

2. Remove strip from pouch for immediate use. Hold the plastic end of the strip and completely immerse reagent area of the strip in urine sample and remove immediately to avoid dissolving out reagent area.

3. Remove the strip slowly avoiding any spilling. Run the edge of the strip against the rim of the urine container to remove excess urine and hold strip horizontal to specimen container to avoid possible cross contamination of chemicals located in adjacent reagent pads.

4. Exactly 60 seconds after removing from the specimen, compare reagent area to the color chart on the pouch. (Hold strip close to color block and match carefully. Do not touch the color block with the test area).


Each bottle of urinalysis reagent strips includes a color coded chart. The reactive color of each panel (square) on the test strip is compared to the corresponding color on the result chart. The concentration level range for each chemical marker is indicated below each color block on the result chart. As with all tests dealing with color intensity or color matching, it is often recommended to obtain another person's interpretation of the test result. Shown to the left is the color result chart for the URS-10, ten parameter test strip. Each of the ten reactive reagent pads on the test strip are compared to the corresponding line of color blocks on the chart. The closest color match indicates the test result. Use of reagent strips are intended as an initial indication only of elevated chemical markers and not conclusive of a specific diagnosis. Further testing and consultation with a healthcare professional is necessary to confirm the presence of specific disease or health conditions. 

-Order No. URS-5-100

-Qty: Bottle of 100 Strips


-- 81002QW ($3.00) Reagent Strips

* It is always the healthcare professional's responsibility to establish codes and reimbursement amounts.

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