How Often You Should Have Your Breathalyzer Calibrated

A breathalyzer.

Many industries work with breathalyzers on a regular basis. If you are someone who regularly uses breathalyzers, you may notice that over time they require service. It’s important to get your breathalyzer calibrated to ensure it shows accurate results. Check out this guide to learn how often you should have your breathalyzer calibrated.

When general maintenance is needed

You should calibrate breathalyzers every 12 months to ensure they work the best they can. This can help prevent the breathalyzer from malfunctioning and providing inaccurate or inconsistent results. Servicing the breathalyzer once a year helps fix existing issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. General maintenance can also extend the life expectancy for the machine to ensure that your results are trustworthy and accurate all year long.

When it’s not functioning properly

You shouldn’t only adhere to a set schedule when calibrating your breathalyzer, though a yearly service is recommended. Whenever you experience difficulties with your breathalyzer, you should recalibrate it. An example of when a breathalyzer may need calibration is if it provides inconsistent results. You can test this by administering the breathalyzer to the same person twice only a few minutes apart. If you receive different results, you may need to calibrate the machine. Another clear sign that your breathalyzer needs calibration is when the results are no longer accurate. This is also easy to test. If you are certain that the reading should be at zero, test the breathalyzer on yourself or another person. If the results don’t match expectations, it is time to send the machine off for calibration.

There are many reasons to get your breathalyzer calibrated. Calibration helps to ensure the quality of results, trustworthiness, and reliability of your breathalyzing machines. For all of your breathalyzer needs, check out our selection at American Screening Corporation. We are drug test manufacturers who strive to provide the best products and services to our customers.

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