What a 5-Panel Drug Test Tests For

What a 5-Panel Drug Test Tests For

For employers, the value and importance of drug screening employees have been evident for several decades. Productivity by means of drug testing is a major method to protect staff and keep their work environment safe. Those businesses, agencies, and organizations who currently have or are establishing a workplace drug testing program will discover a variety of viable test options.

Utilizing one test over another is a choice that is influenced by a number of factors. These factors may include federal, local, or state laws, as well as the specific profession, industry, or company culture of the business. The most prominent drug test used by private employers and government agencies alike is the standard 5-panel drug test. Let’s take a closer look at what a 5-panel drug test tests for.

What Is a 5-Panel Drug Test?

Any drug test in the nation traditionally comes with a panel; this number panel is a comprehensive list of drugs that the test specifically screens for. These forms of panels check for the presence of the most popular abused substances. For example, a 10-panel test will look for the presence of 10 different drugs, a 7-panel will look for 7 distinct drugs, and so on. Thus, the scope of a 5-panel drug test screens for the presence of 5 drugs in a collected specimen sample of a test participant.

The Substances Screened For

If you are curious about what a 5-panel drug test tests for, the answer is five of the most commonly abused substances. This panel screens specifically for cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine (aka PCP), and marijuana (aka THC). Employers may not feel right testing for certain drugs due to the legality of medical marijuana in some states. Hence, options for inclusion of another drug, such as alcohol, and exclusion of another are available.

This panel of baseline drugs can be screened for using urine samples or hair follicle samples. Drug testing with a collected hair follicle has a longer detection time of up to 90 days, but urinalysis testing is by far the most utilized method throughout employee-based testing.

Why 5-Panel Tests Are Vital Tools

As an industry standard, the use of 5-panel tests is a critical aspect of an organization working toward achieving a safe and drug-free environment. These tests provide crucial information that allows employers to make decisions to enforce their drug testing procedures and drug-free company policies.

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