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Rapid Bacteria Pool Test (10)

Keep your friends and family healthy this summer by adding this simple test to your maintenance routine. The Watersafe® Bacteria Test is an antibody-based rapid test kit that detects the presence of bacteria in swimming pools and spas. The Watersafe® Bacteria Test detects E.coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, species of Shigell, Enterobacter, and many other coliform and non-coliform bacteria.

The Watersafe® Bacteria test is affordable, fast (under twenty minutes from start to finish) and yields reliable, lab-accurate results on the spot. With its combined ease of use, speed, and affordability, there is no other test like it on the market! The Watersafe® Bacteria Test brings new levels of pool safety to every customer.

- Under 20 minutes, no incubation necessary

- On-site, no transit of sample required

- No chemicals to add or measure

- No power source required

Additional Information:

When a bacterial contamination occurs, there are always multiple strains present - a toxic strain of Pseudomonas or E. coli is always vastly outnumbered by other bacteria. To maximize the sensitivity for Pseudomonas and other toxic species, the Watersafe® Bacteria Test detects a wide range of bacteria, including both toxic and non-toxic strains. As with microbiological tests for food and drinking water, the idea is to detect a bacterial contamination, rather than a single toxic strain. Health authorities, on the other hand, sometimes use laboratory culture tests that actually look for specific toxic strains. If the Watersafe® Bacteria Test is positive, that does not mean that people will necessarily get sick - it means that the pool/spa contains bacteria among which there may be toxic Pseudomonas or E. coli or Shigella or Salmonella, etc.

Testing for Bacteria
Currently, testing for bacteria in pool and spa water involves collecting the sample, transporting it to a lab, and then waiting for results of an incubation-based assay – a process that can take 24-48 hours. But what happens while you wait? Not only are users exposed to unknown health risks, but the water quality may change. When the test results come back, it is an indication of yesterday's water quality, not today's. Now there is a test that detects bacteria in pool and spa water in less than 20 minutes, with a simple, on-site procedure that requires no instrumentation or user training. Silver Lake Research Corporation (SLRC) has developed the Watersafe® Bacteria Test, the world's first truly rapid test kit for bacteria in water. Now, you can test your water on the spot, and the result may prevent you from acquiring recreational water illnesses (RWIs). This revolutionary test kit is based on proprietary immunochemical reagents and formats developed by SLRC. The Watersafe® Bacteria Test has all the accuracy and reliability of a lab test, but in a disposable test strip similar to a home pregnancy test. The combination of ease-of-use, speed, and reliability add up to an ideal screening and monitoring method for all types of water samples.

Why Test for Bacteria?

When it comes to safety, everything else is secondary. The same should be true in the pools and spas that we swim in and allow our children to swim in. The Watersafe® Bacteria Test for pools and spas is easy enough for anyone to use, and is priced within reach of any pool or spa owner and operator. Until now, the only method of testing for bacteria in a pool or spa was not feasible for most owners and operators. With the Watersafe® Bacteria Test for pools and spas, water quality / safety should never be left to chance.


The Watersafe® Bacteria Test is affordable, fast (under twenty minutes from start to finish) and yields reliable, lab-accurate results on the spot. There is no other test like it. With its combined ease of use, speed, and affordability, the Watersafe® Bacteria Test brings new levels of pool safety to every customer.


Chemicals evaporate and dissipate, especially as bather load increases or temperature rises. If the water balance or disinfectant levels are outside of the normal range, the pool is especially susceptible. All it takes is the introduction of bacteria at the right time to create a major outbreak that can make everyone sick.


Due to drastic rises in swimming-related illnesses over the past several years, the CDC has created a new term: RWI (Recreational Water Illness). Most RWIs are caused by bacterial contamination of the pool or spa. RWIs are dangerous, painful, and can hit both children and adults. Common effects of RWIs include earaches, stomachaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and eye irritation. By testing for potentially dangerous RWI-causing bacteria, you may prevent many RWI outbreaks.


In a 2002 study by the CDC, over 60% of tested pools and spas had inadequate levels of disinfection. If chlorine levels are inadequate in such a high number of tested pools, and some bacteria are resistant to proper levels of chlorine, who's to say that any pool is safe? Remember that all it takes is one momentary drop in chlorine level and a strain of chlorine-resistant bacteria can infect your pool or spa. Once some bacteria are introduced, it can take up to five days in a properly chlorinated pool to kill them.


Until now, pool and spa operators who were concerned about their guests' health had only one option to guarantee the quality of the water in pools and spas: change the water. Without knowing if the water is good or bad, it was simply a shot in the dark. Changing water is a delicate balancing act- unnecessary changes cost money in lost water, heating, and chemicals, and changing too late can result in RWIs among bathers. Regular testing will help pinpoint when is the best time to change water, eliminating guess work.

Fact Sheet

— Using proprietary technologies, Silver Lake Research Corporation, a Monrovia, California biotech firm has developed the Watersafe® Bacteria Test for pools and spas, the first do-it-yourself test kit to monitor levels of harmful bacteria in swimming pools and spas.

— The Watersafe® Bacteria Test is affordable, fast (under twenty minutes from start to finish) and gives reliable, lab-accurate results on the spot!

— E.coli bacteria are responsible for an estimated 73,000 cases of infection and 61 deaths per year in the United States (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

— An E.coli infection often times causes severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps (although some cases show no visible signs of infection) and the patient will be releasing dangerous bacteria through bodily waste for days or weeks after symptoms go away.

— E.coli bacteria were responsible for the 1998 Atlanta White Water Swim Park outbreak that struck 26 children who swam in a kid's wading pool, hospitalizing 7 and killing 1.

— Swimming is the second most popular activity in the United States with approximately 360 million annual visits to recreational water venues.

— There are more than 15 million swimming pools and spas in the United States.

— Over 60% of recreational pools and spas tested by the CDC have inadequate disinfection levels.

— The CDC documented a total of 21,561 violations of pool codes during 22,131 inspections in 2002.

— During these inspections, Chlorine and pH violations were highest in wading pools, which are used by younger children, including those who wear diapers, followed by medical/therapy pools and hotel/motel pools.

— Dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, thrive in water. A pool or spa filled with improperly disinfected water is an ideal environment for disease-carrying bacteria to move from one person to another, spreading RWIs (Recreational Water Illnesses).

— Many RWIs are caused by waterborne bacteria such as E.coli and Shigella.

— Chlorine is by far the most popular pool disinfectant used. Chlorine degrades and evaporates when exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun and heat, and it may combine with other chemicals to form new compounds. For example, chlorine may degrade to produce chloramines (which have no disinfectant qualities).

— The distinctive smell and eye irritation associated with swimming pools are actually due to Chloramines, not ordinary Chlorine -- a strong smell usually means there is too little Free Chlorine, rather than too much.

— The Watersafe® Bacteria Test for pools and spas is the only seventeen-minute, do-it-yourself water safety test on the market today. The Watersafe? bacteria test is affordably priced, easy to use, easy to understand, and offers quick and accurate results.

— Until now, accurate testing for contaminants was only available through expensive analytical laboratories using complicated and time-consuming methods.

Watersafe® Rapid Bacteria Pool Test (10 pk.)..


Watersafe® Rapid Bacteria Pool Test (10 pk.)..

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