Triglycerides LiquiColor® Test (Enzymatic-Version)

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American Screening Corporation continues to offer the broadest range of liquid-stable clinical chemistry reagents available worldwide. Our line of LiquidColor and Liqui-UV reagents are designed for maximum stability and ease of use.

Several features of our reagents are:

  • Stable up to the expiration date, even after opening the bottle.
  • Ready to use anytime, many with no measure reagent preparation.
  • Economical choice of reagent kits, designed to meet the needs of the small or large laboratory.
  • Quality results are assured since reconstitution errors and water contamination are avoided.

Product Info

Glycerylphosphate Oxidase (GPO) Methodology
- Ready to use liquid reagent
- With Lipid Clearing Factor
- Working reagent stable up to 6 weeks @ 2-8°C
- 5 minute incubation @ 37°C or 10 minutes @ 15–30°C
- Linear to 1000 mg/dL
- Read @ 500 nm
- Standard Included

Chemistries are a non stock item and can take up to a week to receive and ship out. They must be refrigerated and 2 Day Express Shipping must be selected.

Triglycerides LiquiColor® Test (Enzymatic-Version - STAN-2200-225


Triglycerides LiquiColor® Test (Enzymatic-Version - STAN-2200-225

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