Reveal™ Urinary Tract Infection Test

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The Reveal UTI Test Kit tests for white blood cells (Leukocytes) and Nitrite in urine.


  • Foil pouch with color test chart
  • Three (3) Reveal UTI Test Strips
  • Instructions for use

Other Necessary Items:

  • Digital timer or anyalog watch with second hand
  • Pen, pencil and pad, or other means of note taking
  • Abosrbent material such as paper towel



Testing Procedure:

Step 1 - Prepare to Test
Before testing, thoroughly wash the genital area with soap and water, then rinse.

Step 2 - Remove Strip
Remove test strip from foil pouch. Set pouch aside for use in interpreting results.

Step 3 - Begin Test
Grasp the handle end of the test strip and begin urinating. After 1 to 2 seconds, hold the pad end of strip in the urine stream for 1 to 2 seconds, gettin gthe test pads completely wet. The test can also be performed by urinating into a clean, dry cup and completely immersing the test strip pads in the urine for 1-2 seconds. When removing the strip from the container, lightly rub the test pads against the edge to remove any excess urine.

Step 4 - Lay Strip Upward
To ensure excess urine is removed, bring the pads of the test strip into contact with absorbent material (such as a paper towel), and lay the strip facing upward to begin timing.

Step 5 - Read Results
After 1 minute you will see the results for Nitrite. Results for Leukocytes can be read after 2 minutes. When the proper time has elapsed, compare the test pads to the color block illustrations on the front of the foil pouch. Hold the test pad next to the color blocks to ensure a good compairson. Warning: After three minutes any subsequent color change on the test pads should be ignored.

Step 6 - Record Results
Record the test results and compare them to the Meaning of Results table below

Meaning of Results
Leukocytes (LEU) Nitrite (NIT) Recommendations
Negative or Trace (light yellow or beige) Negative (light yellow) No sign of a UTI is indicated. With the LEU pad, if a Negative or Trace reading occurs, or if you exhibit symptoms, test the following morning with your first urine using a new test strip. If another trace LEU results or if symptoms still occur, contact your physician.
Negative or Trace Positive A sign of a UTI is indicated. Contact your physician immediately.
Positive (shades of pink to purple) Positive (shades of pink to purple) A sign of a UTI is indicated. Contact your physician immediately.
Positive Negative A sign of a UTI is suggested. The next time you urinate, repeat the test using a new test strip. Wash the genital area before testing. If LEU again shows positive, contact your physician.

Notes About Results

If you receive a positive result, contact you physician before making any health decisions. Drugs and other substances that can cause abnormal urine color must be considered when results are interpreted. For example, riboflavin (vitamin B2), found in certain foods can cause a false positive. So can nitrofurantoin, an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections. Other examples:

(1)The drug tetracycline, as well and elevated glucose or protein levels can cause a false positive reading for Leukocytes.

(2) For nitrite readings, only a uniform pink color is a positive result. Any mottled or spotted result is not a positive reading. High levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) may prevent full testing for Nitrite.

(3) If your diet does not include substances containing nitrates, if you are taking antibiotics, if your urine has not been released for for hours or more, or if you have a UTI caused by bacteria that does not change nitrate to nitrite, it is possible you may get a false result. As mentioned previously, contact your physician to be certain.

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