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The ONE-SCREEN 10 ml vial, Negative synthetic urine control, is specifically formulated for use with all hand held onsite drug screening devices. 


  • Controls good for 24 months from date of manufacture if refrigerated
  • Stable for up to 12 months at room temperature (77°F)
  • Extended stability at refrigerated temperatures (35-46°F)
  • Synthetic urine-based matrix simulates patient samples
  • Stable at room temperature for a year after date of manufacture, 2 years if refrigerated
  • Recommended by the majority of handheld device manufacturers
  • Ready to use in 10 mL and call for customized 20 mL vial sizes

The Detectabuse controls are designed to monitor and validate the performance of drugs of abuse detection methods at levels established by SAMHSA, CAP/AACC and many state programs. The Detectabuse control urine's are compatible with all quantitative and qualitative drug detection procedures which are sufficiently sensitive to detect the control constituents. They should be treated as any "unknown” specimen while following the specific protocol of the assay being used.This product is intended to be used by health care professionals as an integral part of good laboratory practices.


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