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Premium Sensor Module

Pre-Calibrated Replacement Sensor Module for the AlcoMate Premium ONLY.

What is a "Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Alcohol Sensor Module"?

One of the main problems with using breathalyzers in critical applications is that the alcohol sensor, no matter what type, requires periodic re-calibration. Unfortunately, the re-calibration process requires that the breathalyzer be physically mailed or taken to a professional service center, at which point the device must be evaluated and proper steps must be taken for calibration with an expensive simulator system. The process is costly for both consumer and service center, and the delay of processing and shipping back-and-forth can be quite a loss. The Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Alcohol Sensor Module can eliminate the delays and complications of re-calibration by allowing you to simply "snap out" an old module and "snap in" a new module. This way, you can get back to reliable, accurate testing in a matter of seconds!

Note: Sensor modules for the AlcoMate Premium or AlcoMate Prestige must be replaced approximately every 200 tests or at least once per year, whichever comes first.

Benefits of using Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Modules

  • No Delay means No Downtime
  • No Residue Buildup (Which Calibration Service Cannot Remove)
  • Replacing the Sensor Module means Restoring the Device as Brand New

Introducing PRISM Sensor Technology
With the new AlcoMate Premium, AK Solutions has created the most advanced, accurate and convenient breath testing system available. PRISM Technology provides by far the highest quality replaceable sensor module components using the most rigorous standards of construction, durability and accuracy. The method of exchanging sensor modules is also easier than ever with the Easy-Replace Sensor Panel on the back of the breathalyzer. Now sensor replacement is faster than ever, and literally takes just a few seconds! PRISM Technology is only available with the AlcoMate Premium.

How do I install a Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module?

IMPORTANT: Before inserting the new sensor module, you should leave your device powered off, with the old sensor module and batteries removed for at least 5 minutes.

For the AlcoMate Premium, you can simply open the Sensor Door on the back of the device, pull the old module straight out, push the new module straight in, then close the door. Ready for testing! (Note: If you have difficulty getting a grip on the module, please CAREFULLY use pliers to grip the sides of the module and pull straight out WITHOUT twisting or turning.)

For the AlcoMate Prestige, please take the following steps to install a new sensor module (Click on the images for larger versions):

Prepare your AlcoMate Prestige.

Use a flat, sharp tool to carefully open the top cover.

Lift the breath tube to access the sensor module.

Remove the breath tube. It should remove easily.

Carefully raise the sensor module from the body. Do NOT detach the cable from the body.

Remove the cable from the slot underneath the sensor module.

Prepare a new pre-calibrated sensor module.

Insert the cable into the new sensor. Make sure the blue strip is toward the sensor, as shown.

Replace the sensor module into its original position.

Re-attach the breath tube directly on to the sensor. Make sure the front opening is aligned.

Re-attach the cover on to the top of the body. It should snap in fairly easily.
Ready for Testing!



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