Post-Accident Drug Testing Procedure

Post-Accident Drug Testing Procedure

Post-accident drug testing is a valuable resource for employers of businesses. Employers typically utilize this form of testing after an employee or team member is mixed up in an accident in the workplace. After an incident, an employer has the right to test the involved employee to determine whether drugs or alcohol consumption was a participating factor in the accident.

However, companies and organizations must have a drug-free workplace program in place in order to legally utilize this form of testing. Within the policies of the workplace program, post-accident drug testing procedures must be properly and clearly outlined, establishing the how and when of their occurrence. Let’s uncover further details about a post-accident drug testing procedure to aid understanding.

The Criteria: When To Conduct This Testing

The underlying purpose of post-accident drug screenings is to come to a solid conclusion about what happened. This testing determines if drug use or alcohol ingestion was the cause of unsafe and improper work practices on the job. Each employer must choose their own criteria to warrant such testing and write it out clearly. Generally, employers administer this testing after an accident causing injuries that called for medical assistance, fatalities, property damage, or police reports or citations.

The Procedure: How and Where To Conduct This Testing

The post-accident drug testing procedure must take place within 12 hours of an incident’s occurrence. This timeframe is due to the window of detection for commonly abused drugs. Since the final drug test results speak to the nature of the incident and the extent or level of drug use, employers must ensure testing is done securely and efficiently.

Companies can use off-site testing locations or hire testing services that collect screening specimens on-site. Either way, an employee is not to return to work until employers receive the testing results.

Common Testing Methods

As drug use detection varies between substances and specimens, it’s critical to use a highly efficient testing method that detects the most recent drug use. Federal agencies and regulations require urine testing, but the general workforce can utilize oral fluid or urine specimen collection for accurate testing and results.

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