5 Things Family Lawyers Should Remember About Drug Testing

5 Things Family Lawyers Should Remember About Drug Testing

A drug test report can mean a significant difference between winning or losing a family law case. Drug testing programs are curated to test the illicit usage of drugs, alcohol, or certain prescription drugs. Thus, in some specific circumstances, testing for drugs and alcohol becomes a necessary obligation required by the professional bodies to make critical judgments. 

So, whether your client is already undergoing drug testing or planning to request a drug test for some important scenario, here we have a few things that you should keep in mind as their family lawyer.

Usage of drug testing and DNA testing in several legal cases

Whether you are dealing with grandparents’ rights, trust funds, child custody, or domestic violence, drug testing can become a crucial aspect of all such proceedings. Besides the possibility of having your client be tested for drug usage, you should also be aware of potential drug use by anyone in your client’s home. This will equip you to increase the odds of winning for your client’s case. 

A family lawyer should have a professional lab to count on

As a family lawyer, you should always remember that the results of a drug test can significantly influence your odds of winning a case. Thus, having a well-experienced and reputed drug testing company in your contacts can help you obtain an accurate and clear picture of the case. Similarly, for paternity or child support claims, establishing familiar relationships with a DNA testing professional will serve you great help.

A family lawyer should know about drug testing in case of domestic violence

Drug abuse is a typical culprit of domestic violence and child abuse. Thus, as a family lawyer, you should always remain prepared to direct your clients who have encountered domestic violence to area services. You should be well-equipped to obtain an order of safe shelter protection for the victims. Hence, once the client and children are out of danger, you should commence the discussions regarding drug testing with a trusted lab professional and counseling and rehab facilities. 

Not all labs or testing services are admissible in court

With the growing awareness and popularity of home drug testing kits, it is normal for your client to feel tempted by the convenience of this option. However, it is imperative to understand that the results of these home-testing kits are not legally admissible in court due to potential alteration, contamination, and lack of definitive donor identity. Therefore, while conducting drug tests for your client, always make sure to take the assistance of a reputed lab professional. 

The ability of drug tests to detect the usage

Depending on the type of drug test specimen, a drug test can detect the usage of a substance anywhere between an hour ago to twelve months. For instance, urine drug tests are typical forms of drug testing, while the hair, blood, saliva, and nails are all utilized in drug testing to help you determine the story to support your client’s case. Moreover, there are also specific tests that can detect the usage of drugs by any person in a child’s home. 

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