5 Panel Drug Test for Employee Screening

5 Panel Drug Test for Employee Screening

The 5-panel drug testing is popularly known as a 5-panel urine drug screening, typically used to screen for five illicit substances. The primary analysis is generally performed using an instant dip drug testing kit to obtain instant results. However, certain situations may require the laboratory to send the specimen to a SAMHSA-certified laboratory for further analysis and the Medical review office (MRO) to review the final results. Owing to quick reporting and increased awareness regarding workplace safety, most employers these days conduct on-site urine testing for employees using a 5-panel urine dip test or the 5-panel urine integrated cups. 

Before conducting a 5-panel drug test on your employees, it is recommended to gain in-depth details about the Employer Drug TestingGuidelines and the drugs that a 5 panel urine drug test screening can cover. 


Cocaine is similar to white powder, typically combined with other look-alikes to fabricate artificial fillers. A substance abuser can consume cocaine by injecting, snorting, or inhaling it to feel doped. It is known as a Schedule II drug as it makes a person highly susceptible to psychological or physical dependency. Therefore, like opiates, cocaine also holds a high potential for addiction.

Amphetamines and Methamphetamines

Amphetamines typically come in the form of pills that are crushed and snorted. Moreover, substance abusers mix these drugs with other fillers to boost its weight and quantity. Patients suffering from ADHD and ADD are prescribed amphetamine in the form of Adderall and Ritalin. However, it is a Schedule II drug with a high potential for abuse, leading to physical and psychological dependence. 


Opiates are generally used for medical and recreational purposes as a derivative of the opium poppy plant. Certain elements such as Morphine, Codeine, and Vicodin are known to have opium alkaloid extracts that help relieve pain while acting as a relaxer. However, an excessive dose can potentiate physical dependence or psychological addiction. 


MMJ is a plant’s dried flower bud generally used as hash or an ingredient in brownies or cookies. Substance abusers consume MMJ either by smoking it, drinking it in tea, or swallowing it directly. These products produce mild-to-moderate analgesic effects, leading to feelings of relaxation or euphoria. 


Phencyclidine, popularly known as Angel Dust or PCP, is an illicit synthetic chemical substance usually available in powder or liquid form. It is used to tranquilize animals. However, most substance abusers consume it via injection, snorting, or smoking. It is considered one of the most perilous substances that distorts the senses, leading to hallucinations and feelings of detachment from the surroundings. Hence, it is labeled a Schedule II drug by the federal government.

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