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TruChek Self Alcohol Test
TruChek Self Alcohol Test
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MSRP: $19.96
Discount: 20%

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TC-ALC-CT TruChek Self Alcohol Test Countertop Display (4 Single Units)
TC-ALC-MCT TruChek Self Alcohol Test Countertop Display (Carton of 18 Trays, 72 Single Units)

Feature List:

To use a TruChek Self Alcohol Test and see the test results takes less than 2 minutes.
TruChek Self Alcohol Tests are small and lightweight, and ideal to keep handy in your car, handbag, at home or at the workplace.
TruChek Self Alcohol Tests are ideally priced to use once and throw away!
TruChek Self Alcohol Tests are certified for accuracy, reliability and quality by numerous worldwide Certification bodies. But note that interpretation of results and acting upon them is entirely at the user's discretion as the TruChek Self Alcohol Test is NOT a legal evidentiary device.
The value which TruChek Self Alcohol Tests deliver to the user is immeasurable. What's better - guessing your BAC and running the risk of losing your driver's license or worse, or using a TruChek Self Alcohol Test to be given excellent guidance whether you should be driving?

3-Tier Detection System; tests for .02%, .05%, and .08% BAC

Package Contents:
1 Alcohol Test Tube, Blow Bag, and Package Insert

Snap-off End Cap
Break off the snap-off end caps at both ends of the tester and shake out the harmless white crystals inside the tube.

Inflate the Bag
Inflate the bag by blowing in one steady breath into the neck of the bag. The valve in the neck of the bag automatically closes after inflation.

Insert the White Cap
Insert the white cap end of the tester into the neck of the bag.

Squeeze the Bag
Squeeze the bag evenly, expelling the air through the tester.

Wait Two Minutes
Wait two minutes for the results. If the color change extends beyond the red line on the tube, you're over the limit.

• Immediately following consumption of alcohol, to obtain guidance regarding the ability to drive within the legal limit. (In such circumstances, a second test should be used a short while after the first to ensure that the BAC measurement is under the indicator line, declining and not rising, before deciding to drive).
• 'The morning after the night before'. It is easy to be in excess of a workplace BAC limit and even the driving limit following an evening of excessive consumption of alcohol.
• To obtain an indication of a presence of greater than 0.02BAC - often the 'at the workplace' limit adopted by employers within 'Health & Safety / Drug & Alcohol' policies
• Promotion and driver education programs, promoting behavioral change. TruChek Self Alcohol Tests are an ideal and inexpensive device to enhance road safety programs, fit-for-duty campaigns, etc which educate consumers or employees about alcohol and the personal vagaries of its consumption relative to measurement.
• For use by a Health & Safety supervisor in a workplace, to obtain quick and simple guidance regarding the possible intoxication of an employee.


We do not condone or promote drinking and driving under any circumstances. But, unfortunately, many people still choose to drink and drive despite the associated risks, and therefore our product is designed to simply help guide the user regarding their assessment of their ability to drive within the law.

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by robinson
on 2/18/2015
Really easy to use
Worked great Quick - to use a Self Alcohol Test and see the test results takes less than 2 minutes.
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