Teenagers and Drug Testing
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Teenagers and Drug Testing


The availability of illegal drugs to teens is much more prevalent than many parents realize.  They spend most of their child's life informing them of the dangers of drugs and how to say "no" only to find that their child has decided to take his or her own path in life and not necessarily in the direction the parent had in mind.  There often comes a time when parents decide that they need to find out for sure whether or not their child is using drugs and a ASC Home Drug Test Kit is often their best option for doing this in a manner where the situation can be resolved within the home.

However, before performing a home drug test, it is often best if you understand the warning signs of a teenager on drugs.  There are several warning signs that you can watch for in your teenager.  This is important because teenagers rarely grasp the concept of an addiction and denial is common.  Most teenagers find themselves in the situation of using drugs simply because they are exposed to drug use through other teenagers.  At the same time, drugs are often an enticing way to escape reality.

One of the first signs is withdrawal.  These students often hide out in their rooms or stay out with their friends.  They may also change friends suddenly as they grow closer to those who supply them with drugs.  Reckless behavior and no concern for their future often quickly follow as well.  Additionally, many teenagers often have a neglected appearance and neglect hygiene as well.

Other common physical changes occur as well.  Many of these include:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Skin abrasions
  • Glassy eyes
  • Red eyes and using eye wash excessively

As teenagers become addicted to a substance, they often need to find the means to pay for their new addiction.  Teenagers may begin selling their valuables or even stealing money or constantly asking for money.  These teenagers also become increasingly sneaky and odd in their behaviors.

If your teen is exhibiting many of these signs of drug use, you may first want to consider a home drug test.  A home drug test can be purchased easily and it is best to spring the test upon the teenager so that they do not have the opportunity to try using a product to clean out their system.  There are a wide variety of home drug testing kits available and the one you choose should most likely offer you a broad spectrum of drugs.  You can also test for alcohol.  Although you may recognize that your child is on drugs, you may not know what type of drugs they are on if you haven't actually seen the substance in their possession. 


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