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Reveal Ovulation Midstream (7 Tests)
Reveal Ovulation Midstream (7 Tests)
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Reveal Ovulation Midstream (7 Tests)

The Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream is a quick, easy-to-use tool for detecting elevated levels of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) in women. The hormone is always present in a women's urine, but the presence of increased levels means that the following 24-48 hours will provide the best chance for achieving conception. Since eggs are periodically released in fertile women and an LH increase triggers that ovulation, an ovulation test that reads positive is reliable because the ovulation will occur within one to two days. Achieving pregnancy at that time has the best chance of success because the meeting of egg and sperm will take place under the most optimum of conditions.

When a stream of urine strikes the absorbent tip of the test, capillary action of the test membrane material causes the liquid to migrate along the membrane. As urine bearing LH reaches the test area of the indicator zone region, it causes a colored band to appear. If there is no appearance of a colored band, this indicates a negative result. As a procedure control, a colored band appears in the control area of the indicator zone, as long as the test has been properly performed. Emotional and environmental factors can affect ovulation, so it is recommended that you test again after each menstrual cycle to take all potential variations into account.

Testing Procedure

  • Read all steps and directions first.
  • Have a timing device ready.
  • Double check the expiration date, do not use if the product is expired.

Step 1 - Prepare the Test
After removing the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream from its sealed pouch, hold the thumb grip with one hand as you remove the cap with the other hand.

Step 2 - Expose Tip to Urine
Hold the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream by the thumb grip, facing downward, and expose the absorbent tip to your urine stream for a minimum of 10 seconds. Or, you may choose to fill a clean cup or glass with urine and then dip the absorbent tip in the liquid, making sure you hold it there for at least 10 seconds.

After the required time, while continuring to hold the absorbent tip downward, put the cap back in place over the absorbent tip.

Step 3 - Place on Flat Surface
Place the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream on a flat surface where it will not be disturbed. Make sure the device is face up, so that you can clearly see the sealed splashguard, and wait for the color bands to appear.

Step 4 - Read Results
Using a timer, 3 minutes after you remove the device from the urine stream, begin observing the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream indicator zone beneath the sealed splashguard. Test results must be read within 5 minutes. If 10 minutes elapse before you check the device, results may be faulty. It is always best to read the results at the 5-minute testing period and then discard the test to avoid confusion.


  • 7 individual pouches containing a reaction midstream (the test stick) and a desiccant. The desiccant is for storage purposes only, and is not used in the test.
  • Leaflet with instructions for use.

Other Necessary Items

  • A clean, dry, plastic or glass container to collect urine.
  • Timing device (watch, clock, or other)

Necessary Precautions

  • The Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream Test is for external use only. Do not swallow.
  • Discard after first use. The test midstream cannot be used more than once.
  • Do not use the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream Test beyong marked expiration date.
  • Do not use the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream Test kit iaf the sealed pouch is punctured or not well sealed.
  • Excess bacteria in your urine (which may be present if your urine appears cloudy or is "smellier" than usual) may lead to faulty results.
  • Medication containing human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) and fertility drugs containing LH affect test results, so the Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream should not be used while you are taking one of these medications.
  • The Reveal HomeChek Ovulation Midstream Test is invalid as a form of birth control.
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by gonzalez
on 2/18/2015
Really easy to use
Easy to use. easy to read. Great value for the money for a very comprehensive and speedy testing.
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