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American Screening Corporation is now offering same day urine drug test sample collection and testing at any of our 10,000+ nationwide collection sites, or at your site 24/7.


Simply provide us with city state and zip code and we will schedule a drug test anywhere in the United States. Our labs are SAHMSA Certified, CAP, & CLIA Waived, the highest certifications and quality in the industry. The benefits of testing with a professional lab are numerous, but a few of the key points are:

Turnaround - Results are reported in 24-72 hours, includes all supplies needed for collection, specimen cups, chain of custody, air bills, lab pack.

Reporting - Results are emailed, faxed, or reported online.

Services - We offer commercial, personal, court, all types.

Availability - Our onsite collectors are available 24/7, perfect for around the clock manufacturing facilities.

ETG Testing - 80 Hour detection, monitors the alcohol intake of subjects in counseling and addiction programs or workers prohibited from consuming alcohol.

Call us at 1-866-526-2873 to schedule a test today or email us at

Listed below are just a few situations and reasons where drug testing would be warranted or desired.

  • Staffing and New Hires - Part of any new hire process now is a drug test. It is as routine as filling out the job application. Pre-screening your new hires will reduce the likelihood of future drug abuse.

  • Random Selection Testing - Almost as common as new hire screening, this testing is used for commercial customers, our random selection program can automatically choose a sample within the parameters you choose (percentage, number, etc) to test. Completely randomized, it does not give abusers advanced notice that they will be tested, almost eliminating their ability to flush the drug from their system.

  • Reasonable Suspicion/Cause - There could be any number of reasons for an employer to suspect an employee. It could be the way an employee is acting or something that is overheard.

  • Post Accident Investigation - Part of any routine work related accident investigation is determining if any substances are present in any of the related parties.

  • Sensitive work - Employees with duties that require the utmost focus and concentration need to be operating at their best. Abused substances can diminish this ability and the employee becomes less productive and a potential danger.

  • Return to Work - Testing of individuals who were temporarily released from work following a drug related infraction should be tested before being allowed back into the workforce. The same hold true for individuals who have returned from a rehabilitation program.

  • Court Drug Testing - Custody hearings, Child and Protective Services or probation departments may require drug testing as part of the legal process. Our facilities make testing fast and easy for these cases.


Our comprehensive drug testing program and laboratory can take over the entire process for you. Our ability to handle both planned collections and randomized screens allows you the flexibility to test the way you need. With collection sites located all across the Country and online results interpretation, the process couldn't be easier.


Contact us for more information or to setup a collection.

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