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Infidelity Testing
Infidelity Testing
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Item #: DNA-INF-NS

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Have you noticed a change in your relationship? Is your partner suddenly busy all the time, distant and moody. Do they make excuses for where they have been? Have they lost interest in the physical aspect of your relationship? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, they may be cheating on you.

You can speculate about these various scenarios or you can eliminate your lingering doubt with a Semen/DNA Test. The latest DNA technology is fool proof.

Infidelity Evidence

If you have found staining on their undergarments, clothing, or bed sheets they may be cheating on you.

During and after sexual activity, semen, containing up to 300 million sperm, can be deposited on undergarments, panties, bed sheets, clothing, upholstery or other surfaces. Sperm can last as long as 3–5 days in the vagina and remain identifiable for years as dried stains.

Sample collection and examination

First, a sample is sent to the lab. This sample is usually a stained piece of clothing or material. Next a combination of 3 techniques are used to evaluate the sample: Ultraviolet Examination, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and Microscopy. The Ultraviolet Examination is used to determine the exact location of the sample to be tested. Once the location is determined it is subjected to the PSA and Microscopy methods to confirm semen and sperm in the sample. Sterile or vascectomized men produce semen that the PSA test will detect. The semen alone will give enough DNA to perform a test, but our lab goes a step further to determine the presence of any sperm and to confirm the DNA.

There is a chance that the sample will not contain semen but some other bodily fluid. We recommend performing the DNA Profile as it will work with other bodily fluids as well.

The next step is determining the DNA Profiles in the sample. This is necessary to determine if the sample is a mixed DNA sample and if so split out the DNA to get accurate profiles.

The final step is often (but not always) required. A DNA sample to exclude a party's DNA from the results is usually required. This will allow the lab to ensure that one of the samples is not this reference sample. For instance, if a mixed specimen is sent in from a husband thinking his wife is cheating, the husband would send in a saliva swab to ensure that any male DNA found is not his.

This step is not always necessary. If sexual activity has not occurred or the interested party has been away, their sample would not be present.

Result Reporting

Contact us after the turn around time, all reporting is confidential.

Results are available 7 business days once sample is received, additional tests are available after 2 business days.

*Residents of NY States require the testing to be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider in your state. Please include a prescription for testing when sending in your sample.

Can you test sheets for DNA after they've been washed?

Once sheets have been washed, it is highly unlikely that there will be viable DNA on them. You can purchase the DNA Detection test to see if there is enough DNA.

If you choose to purchase this test and also wish to test for semen, then you will have to purchase the Semen Detection test as well.


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