For Parents- Drug Testing Your Child
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Drug Testing Your Child- For Parents

All parents are concerned about whether or not their children are using drugs.  One of the best methods for parents to do this is via a Home Drug Testing Kit.  Parents should be aware, however, that it is not always easy for them to perform the drug test.  There are several types of tests to choose from and you must understand the limitations on certain types of tests.

Parents who are anxious to determine whether or not their child is using drugs should first determine what type of drug they believe their child is using.  This will help them to determine which type of drug test to use.  There are tests for all types of drugs including marijuana and amphetamines, but there are also tests for alcohol. 

Parents may find inconsistent results if they are not careful in the administration of a home drug test.  For instance, amphetamines commonly result in a false positive if the test is not performed properly.  This is due to the fact that high amounts of caffeine or cold medications with pseudoephedrine often result in false positives.  At the same time, poppy seeds from bagels and muffins may cause a false positive for morphine.

Something parents should also keep in mind when giving a home drug test to their child is that although you have access to order home drug tests online, teenagers also have access to ordering detox products online as well.  Many teenagers   to order these products or purchase these products from novelty stores.  These products are often drinks or tablets that are often used to cleanse out the system for a day or to mask the results.

For parents, a properly taken urine sample can often be the answer they are looking for when trying to determine if their child is using drugs.  They should be aware that a supervised test is best, but considering that is not necessarily appropriate for most families, they should be aware that the teen can tamper with the test.  They would also be able to more easily tamper with the test than they would at a laboratory.  Parents should be prepared for the struggle that they may have with their child about the test, as many teens will see this as a violation of their rights. 

In addition to using a home drug test, parents should also research other signs that their child may be using drugs.  Drug paraphernalia, such as pipes or rolling papers in their room is often a clear sign.  Red eyes and frequent use of eye drops may also be a sign that your child is hiding drug use from you. Mood swings, bad performance in school as well as digestive issues can be contributed to substance abuse.

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