Employee Drug Testing FAQ's
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Employee Drug Testing FAQ's

Contemplating an employee drug testing program for your small business but unsure of where to find out the facts?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns related to Drug Testing employees.

Q. Is it expensive to Drug Test your employees?
A. No, employee drug testing doesn't need to be expensive especially with onsite rapid drug testing kits.

Q. Are the requirements of implementing a Drug Free workplace going to increase my regulatory and/or other paperwork?
A. No. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) doesn't regulate drug testing and participation is usually voluntary with the exception of some specialized industries or government contractors. Eligibility for certain incentive programs or discounts may have additional requirements but are typically designed to be complimentary to what the employer already has in place.

Q. Who pays for employee drug tests?
A.  Typically the employer pays for drug testing as well as time spent taking a drug test however, onsite rapid drug testing kits have reduced the time required for drug testing to less than ten minutes in many cases.

QCan I test workers under the age of 18?
A. The Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards (FLSA) doesn't specify different rules based upon the age of the employee in fact, the DOL doesn't specify any rules related to employee drug testing whatsoever. Unless there are state or local ordinances to the contrary, the same rule applies to all employees of any age when it comes to drug testing.

Q. Do I need to notify employees before implementing a drug testing program?
A. The Department of Labor doesn't specify how employers go about implementing a drug testing program however, they do strongly encourage business owner to formalize a drug free workplace program by providing a formal written policy to all employees stipulating why drug testing is being implemented, consequences for violations and training for managers. Depending upon your industry and state/local guidelines there may be other requirements.





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