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EZ DETECT- Physicians Pack
EZ DETECT- Physicians Pack
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Item #: EZ0830591001

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The CRS test is FDA Cleared for Home Use. (FDA 510K#: K860028)

EZ Detect(tm) has been clinically proven to be accurate for the detection of blood in the stool and is reimbursable by private insurance and Medicare. This FDA-cleared stool blood test allows the user to simply drop a test tissue into the toilet bowl after a bowel movement. If an abnormal amount of blood is present, an unmistakable blue-green color will appear on the test tissue within two minutes. Results are recorded on a reply card and returned to the physician. EZ Detect(tm) is the only take home test that has no diet restrictions and no handling of the stool. The tests are packaged in a professional dispenser pack containing 48 complete test kits, allowing easy dispensing to the patient by the physician.

Features of EZ DETECT"

  • Convenient, Sanitary- Easy throw-in-the-bowl test. No messy handling of stool.
  • Quick, simple to use- Just drop a test pad in the toilet after a bowel movement. See the results of the test in just 2 minutes. Repeat the test with the next two bowel movements.
  • Easy-to-read results- Test area of pad will turn blue/green if blood is detected.
  • Reliable and Accurate- FDA approved. Clinically proven. Used by hospitals and physicians worldwide.
  • No dietary restrictions Not affected by rare meat or vitamin C.
  • Does not require lab processing.
  • Convenient, Sanitary- Easy throw-in-the-bowl test. No messy handling of stool.

Materials Provided

Each test kit is for one user. The kit contains:

  • A foil pouch containing five test tissues;
  • One Positive Control package;
  • One patient instruction sheet ;
  • One test result post card for mailing results to a doctor or lab

48 test kits total.


How the Test Works

The EZ DETECT" fecal occult blood test kit consists of a biodegradable tissue-paper-film coated with a chromogenic dye (TMB) and peroxide. The film is in the shape of a cross on the test tissue.

Colorectal disorders such as cancer, cause blood to be present on the outside of the stool from irritated polyps that have formed in the colon. This blood disperses onto the surface of the toilet water. The heme portion of hemoglobin, present in blood, oxidizes the tetramethylbenzidine that is on the test strip and causes a blue/green color change.

Hemoccult", another test kit that requires dietary restrictions and actual handling of the stool, works by the same principle. Yet it works via the oxidation of guaiac by hydrogen peroxide. The heme portion of hemoglobin in blood catalyzes this reaction. Because no stool handling is required, EZ Detect has a higher patient compliance rate.

The sensitivity limits of EZ DETECT" for fecal occult blood is 2.0 mg hemoglobin/100 ml water (equivalent to Hemoccult")


  • Keep kit contents of the reach of children;
  • The test tissues should be held by the corners. The middle of the test tissue may be sensitive to the touch. Unused test tissues must be kept in their original foil pouch, away from light and moisture. Users are advised to examine the test tissue before use. Any coloration (blue green) in the test area of the test tissue indicates deterioration and that test tissue should not be used;
  • The test should not be performed if the user is bleeding from hemorrhoids, suffering from constipation, or experiencing menstrual bleeding.


Some of the known drugs that cause or affect intestinal bleeding are: aspirin and other analgesic drugs, indomethacin, phenylbutazone, corticosteriods and other anti-inflammatory drugs, reserpine, butazolidine, premorin, and persantine. These drugs may produce gastrointestinal bleeding that may cause positive results.

What To Do If The Result is Positive

If the test is positive (any discoloration appears in the test area of the pad) during a test, it is likely that you have blood in the stool above the level for a normal healthy individual. Do not dismiss the findings even though there occasionally can be false positives with the test. Immediately contact your physician for follow-up and further screening (such as colonoscopy) and testing. Strongly consider seeking an appointment with a gastroenterologist, (a specialist in digestive health matters).

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about a specific medical condition. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Biomerica, Inc. assumes no responsibility for how this material is used. Please check with a physician (such as a gastroenterologist) if you suspect you are ill.

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