Benefits of On-Site Rapid Drug Test Kits
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Benefits of On-Site Rapid Drug Test Kits

Drug testing is now faster, less expensive and more convenient than ever thanks to the availability of on-site rapid drug test kits. No more scheduling fiascos, waiting for up to a week for results and costly fees. The new generation of onsite rapid drug testing kits are fast, easy to use and less expensive than ever.
If you are a manager or small business owner considering a drug testing solution, on-site rapid drug test kits might be the answer you have been waiting for.

  • Fast.  Results are often available in less than ten minutes instead of waiting hours and even days for laboratory results. On-site rapid drug test kits are almost instantaneous.
  • Less Expensive. On-site rapid drug test kits can provide the initial screening results for a positive drug test or drug metabolite confirmations for a fraction of the ordinary lab testing fee.
  • Easy to Use. No special equipment, training or knowledge is required to use on-site rapid drug test kits. The kits are packaged in a compact kit that contains everything needed. Results are provided in an easy to see visual display that doesnt require interpretation.
  • Accurate. On-site rapid drug test kits report up to 99% accuracy.
  • On-site. No need to send employees or job applicants to a special laboratory; now the drug test is where you need it and when you need it. At the office or off-site locations, the convenience of onsite drug testing will revolutionize the way you think about testing.
  • Versatile. On-site rapid drug test kits have been designed with real life applications in mind. They are used by law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies, schools, staffing agencies and small business owners of all types in a variety of industries.

American Screening Corporation provides a complete range of Rapid Drug Test Kits and Medical Testing Detection Devices. These Drug Tests are also known as:

  • Medical Drug Detection Kits
  • Drug Detection Devices
  • Hair Drug Testing
  • Steroid Drug Testing
  • Saliva Drug Testing

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