Beat the Cheats: Fight Back Against Employee Drug Testing Fraud
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Beat the Cheats: Fight Back Against Employee Drug Testing Fraud

Employee drug testing saves time and money but obviously, some employees would prefer not to participate or let their illegal use of substances be known. As a small business owner here is what you need to know to protect your business and clients from drug testing fraud, tampering and cheating.


  1. Don't do business with companies that sell subversive products or information designed to inform employees how to cheat. These irresponsible companies make money by selling drug testing kits to small business owners and then turn around and attempt to profit on cheating.  Work with vendors you can trust that are committed to the safety and information needs of small business owners.

  3. Educate yourself on the products used to cheat drug tests. Awareness is critical to recognizing and reducing the potential for drug testing fraud. For example, one popular device is a life-like prosthetic device capable of delivering clean urine which the worker submits as their personal specimen. Chemical adulterants or dilution products are also common tricks used to conceal drug use in specimens.

  5. Use a standard policy and follow operational procedures for all employees when conducting drug testing. If employees know when they will be tested in advance, be sure to pay special attention to potential drug testing fraud related behavior or products.

  7. Contemplate random drug testing or additional drug testing such as saliva. Oral fluid testing is much more difficult to fake even for the most determined cheats. Hair samples are another popular choice with the additional benefit of being less invasive than urine or blood testing.

  9. Understand the drugs of abuse in your community. Some areas are more prone to the abuse of certain drugs than others. Knowing what to test for is an important step in beating the cheats. To find out what drugs are more prevalent in your area or industry, speak to an American Screening Corporation specialist who can guide you on implementing the right drug testing program for your worksite.

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