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Acetic Acid 3%
Acetic Acid 3%
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Acetic acid is the chemical compound responsible for the characteristic odor and sour taste of vinegar. Typically, vinegar is about 4 to 8% acetic acid. As the defining ingredient of vinegar, acetic acid has been produced and used by humans since before the dawn of recorded history. In fact, its name comes from the Latin for vinegar, acetum. Vinegar is formed from dilute solutions of alcohol, such as wine, by the action of certain bacteria in the presence of oxygen. These bacteria require oxygen, and the overall chemical change is the reaction of ethanol with oxygen to form acetic acid and water



The Monsanto acetic acid process is the major commercial production method for acetic acid. Methanol, which can be generated from synthesis gas ("syn gas", a CO/H2 mixture), is reacted with carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst to afford acetic acid. In essence, the reaction can be thought of as the insertion of carbon monoxide into the C-O bond of methanol, i.e. the carbonization of methanol. This process has largely replaced an earlier synthetic method called the Wacker process. Over 1,000,000 tons of acetic acid are produced every year using the monsanto process. The reaction is highly selective, goes in high yield, and is extremely fast.
Acetic Acid 3%


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